Hey People! I just wanted to tell everyone I have 6 designs finished :D The last two I did I'm in love with :P So yeah I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop! Btw my collection has like no theme! Although my friend asked my what my inspiration was and I said Valentino and Armani. Now also Roberto Cavalli. So I think you will see them in my collection. Oh and maybe some Balmain too. Talk to you later :D Byee!


thatgirlsophy said...

wow cant wait to see them! well about your theme, what do all the pieces have most in common, like chose a fabric(leather,fur) or style era(80s 90s) or style trend(summer chick, boho, biker chick, prarie girl,) or colors stuff like that.

breathless.magazine said...

I can't wait for the collection Lauren !!


your just in time for fashion week too lol