Christian Dior Resort 2010 2

Well I'm sitting in the Airport. Waiting for my flight. So I decided to post my design I did early today. Now I loved the Dior Resort and I picked my two favorite dresses from the collection to design. This weekend or longer, I'll be London for my cousin, Brandon's graduation. He's a year older and than me but my closest cousin. I can't wait to see them all! Please Comment xoxo, Lauren

Christian Dior Resort 2010


Hey everyone! Well I want to give huge shout out to ThatGirlSophy who told me my comments weren't working and how to fix them! Why didn't anyone tell me?! Anywho since I reposted my last one I realized that you guys do care! Also I'm done all my tests and school so.. MORE designs! Today I show you my favorite DRESS from the Resort Collection of Dior. Now most of you now realize that I love doing Resort Collections :P Please comment! PS. I'm thinking of switching blogs. Look at the quality compared wordpress to blogspot.

XoXo Love, Lauren

For clearer view click to enlarge..

Herve Leger by Max Azria Resort 2010

I took a break from studying. Although I shouldn't have. I love Bandage dresses :D I hope to own it once it hits stores. Also someone recently asked why my background don't have color. I don't do it because it takes away from the focus of the outfit. Also I made the shoes! :O I really like this one. Please comment! xoxo, Lauren. UPDATE: NEW BANNER TOO. I got some much needed help>>>


Wow I'm amazed. Someone anonymously cheated on the poll. Making the poll wrong. I'm counting the 87 voting yes and the 8 voting no. After that someone ruined it. Thanks. Anywho that means majority wants the blog so once my exams are over the blog will up again :D


Have you lost interest in this blog? My last design only got to 2 comments. I've had one that got to 7 comments. So that brings me to the big question is that do you want me to keep the blog and keep designing? I'm not getting that from the last response. I love you guys. Please please please vote in the poll. I need to know!

Badgley Mischka Resort 2010

Well hello there! I have a new banner and a new outfit. It's not my favorite I've done but I didn't have a whole lot of time with all the studying. I made sure I had time to make one thing. I love this Badgley Mischka dress! The color is so pretty. I still haven't challenged myself to do more shoes. Please comment! xoxo, Lauren


Thanks for ALL the support! I haven't had any criticism so far which makes me happy! We have 41 followers in only 4 days!! That's truly incredible! I won't be able to post any for a while because I have my final exams and I'm studying alot so not much time for Stardoll. I will be making some once my summer holidays start(26th) My school is really stupid that our holidays are so late. Anyway wish me luck on my exams! I did one today :)

House Of Holland Fall 2009 RTW

100% by moi. I love this outfit so much! Some people may remember that I made a version of it on Stardoll. Anyway this is for a Photoshop competition. The only thing that is different from other graphics I made was 1 boot was entirely made by me but then I just duplicated it and rotated it :) Anyway enjoy and wish me luck!

Zac Posen Resort 2010

My model is Itgonnarain. She is a wonderful girl who is full of spirit and looks at the bright side of everything! She is wearing a gorgeous Zac Posen which I do not do justice. It's my 3rd dress made from scratch ever! Enjoy!

Lanvin Fall 2009 RTW

I had alot of fun making this dress and I liked how it turned out! Please comment!

Oscar De La Renta Resort 2010

My very first Graphic. Completely from scratch! NOTHING WAS COPIED BESIDE HAIR! Enjoy!