Hey if you look above it shows my new header inspired by the images below. Sasha Pivovarova is my favorite model ever! The hair I made is inspired by the first and makeup by the second. :) Hope you guys like it!


john2_el_mejor said...

It is really cool!

Lauren, what is the name of that font????

Lauren said...

I couldn't tell you! When I downloaded it, I changed the name. Umm but I googled Vogue Font so that should help :)

john2_el_mejor said...

Can you send me a image with the ABC (Caps and lowercase?

ABCDE abcde


Dork said...

Baskerville Old Face

Enjoy :)
{I know these fonts, I'm a little VOGUE obsessed}

Lauren said...

Haha :D
Thanks Dork :P

Halmonkey3 said...

Wow Lauren, it's great! I actually see a resemblance even in the face. Awesome :)

Fashion Doohickey said...

My heart skipped, i just know, that guy has to be Ash Stymest, i feel it. LOL. ;D

cool blog! :D

Lauren said...

Yes that's Ash! I didn't think it was at first haha.