New Banner!

I didn't like my banner too much so wow guess what!! New Banner.. what a surprise Laurenzo!


thatgirlsophy said...

love the new one!

Halmonkey3 said...

I like it :)

Vasia28 said...

i love it!

Nutters/Kortni said...

I Love It <3

I Agree, i like this one better than the last one...

Good Job :D

Jezz` said...

Whoa! But I really think your former was so cuteee!

MAilnow said...

hello ^ ^ I follow your blog so much! =)
I wanted to ask you a favor ... I Mailnow at Stardoll, I can create a banner to me? because I too have a blog! I would, however, the banner of:

- Sincronetta96
- Mailnow
- Martina_96_
- Wounded90

these doll. can you help? please! you're artistic, my banner I do not know how to do!

(PS: you can also change clothes them ^. ^)

Mimi_Mami said...

This one is my favourite of all your banners!

It is so dark and misterious :)