My Girl, Sasha!

I know I haven't done an actual design in FOREVER! And I totally am sorry for that. I haven't found anything worth designing. Anyway. I realized through this whole blog I have ONLY used my self(except one) for the designs. That may come across as selfish. I just did it because it was way easier. So now I have update Stardoll's version of my favorite model, Sasha Pivovarova. So now this is who will be in all my designs. So yes she is naked below.. because some designs I could do may be low-cut etc. so that's why she is naked! I might do a different pose on her if one comes out as simple enough and easy enough for everything but for now it will have to be basic. Tell me what you think... should I do more models for my designs too?


Halmonkey3 said...

Love the idea! I think that's really great :)

Mimi_Mami said...

I love Sasha Pivovarova! And I love how you designed her :)

You should definately continue with other models like: Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Jessica Stam, Jourdan Dunn :)

john2_el_mejor said...


Anonymous said...

Great idea!
And here are some collections which maybe can give you some inspiration? (:
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