Bye Everyone

I finally decided to leave, someone hacked my account which sucks alot, but I'm kinda happy they did, gives me a reason to leave the dramatic world anyway :) I'd really like to thank all my friends I've made through the experience though. I'll log on everyone once and a while just to check up but this is my way of leaving. You'll have a friend in the nyc :) I love you all <3 <3 I do mean it, because honestly I believe you're all going for one goal and some will do anything to get there, even being a bitch so I totally understand :) Thank you,

xoxo, Lauren
Ps, my real name is Lauren Joy Brose :)
Night :)


I know the blog is closed an what not but I was literally in tears when I heard about Alexander McQueen! My mom knew him personally. The last header I did featured his incredible works of art. I can't even express how much he'll be missed by me and my family. I hope there is a heaven for your sake, as you are truly a god. Rest in Peace Mr. McQueen.


I really really don't have the time anymore for this. I'm so sorry. I may come back in the summer or something.

Ads on Different webstites.

WOW! It's almost been a month since I've wrote anything on here, I'm so sorry. My life has been not the greatest right now and I've been really really busy. I don't know where the blog is headed right now. ANYWAY I was on DeviantART when I noticed something saying stardoll! Haha just thought it's an ad most Stardollians wouldn't see :)

Ps.Tell me how your Christmas was..