Alexander McQueen Resort 2010

Hello! I'm currently in Sydney! So gorgeous here! The weather has been pretty good so far. I got some sun burn. Anyway today I stayed in the hotel because I wasn't feeling well. I got bored and made a design. Sorry it's not one of my better ones it's just my head is killing me!!! Talk to you guys soon and please comment!!

xoxo, Lauren
Ps. Alex says for me to stay off the computer so I'll be on a little less the next week!

It's okay.. I'm beautiful on the inside!

Hehehe. Well I got kinda bored. And well I found this really fun! Looks like you caught me getting dressed. This is kinda a mix of designs and graphics cuz I made a towel LOL. Well I hope I humored you all with a picture of me... the locked room in my suite! Enjoy!

New Outlook..

I'm taking a new outlook on the blog. I don't always feel like making my dresses so the blog is now not just my designs but also my graphics. Here I have Mel, Me and Wylie. No don't take this the wrong way. This just gives the blog more opportunity. Soo yeah. Here we go..

Valentino Fall 2009 Couture

Okay I lied. I had to one more! I think it turned out really good! I love the grainy texture of the dress! The collection was gorgeous filled with black lace! Umm not much to say! Enjoy and please comment!

Ps. Quality is stupid. Picture.. STOP shrinking yourself..

No Designs

Okay well I've decided.. No designs until after my holidays.. so sorry guys! Personal reasons right now. I did edit my banner because I felt bad for using the medoll twice :) I promise once I'm back I'll try to design more. And I'm super excited to have over 60 followers! This blog was wayyy more successful than I thought it would be! With 61 followers and over 1800 views(which isn't from the day the blog was made) I'd like to have a party to celebrate! So post ideas of party themes etc. Enjoy your summer!


Some may know.. some may not. I'm going to Sydney Australia for three weeks with my family and fiance. Yes I said fiance.(btw can't wait to see what anonymous calls me for having a fiance) I'm leaving on the 17th of July. Super excited! Extremely excited! Soo that means the blog is on pause until like late August. I might make one before I leave. Depends on my mood. Okay and here's the part no one knows yet.. Once I leave I may not come back. I've been trying to leave for a while but just can't. Hopefully Australia can change that. It's not for sure at all! If I chose to leave my clothes will go to Danny. I've promised her a very long time ago. Don't freak out! I doubt it will happen anyway!

Ps. Happy Birthday Evan! 22nd :P(brotherr)

Chanel Fall 2009 Couture

Vavavoom! Haha this was super super fun to make! Haha and looking at it, it reminds me of Star Wars.. StarWarCouture™. My trademark. Wait I can't do that! Karl if you are reading this I give you permission to start StarWarCouture!! I love the grecian appeal of this dress. The collection was marvelous! I think it's my favorite outta the Couture Collections. Armani Prive was great too! Enjoy! It's one of my favorite designs!

UPDATE: blog makeovereded

Ps. Fixed Quality problems :DD

Own Design

This was made with nothing but a medoll. My first own design! It reminds me of an Oscar's dress. I'd like to accept my Academy Award now! Anywho enjoy!

New Banner

I wasn't in the drawing mood.. so what a coincidence! A new banner! I've tallied up my banner's and this is my 12 :O It could be a record. I'm not sure! I just know people don't change their's as near as much as me! I wonder whoever made up banners for Stardoll Blogs?? Who ever it was didn't get any credit for the awesome idea! My new banner is my favorite one(like all new ones). Hope ya'll like it!

Herve Leger by Max Azria Resort 2010 & Malandrino Resort 2010

I finally took time to do some shoes! The dress is Herve Leger and shoes Malandrino. I love doing these dresses. I personally love the bandage dresses! Enjoy and Comment, thanks!

Emilio Pucci Resort 2010

I really liked this one! It's one of my best in my opinion. The collection was different from their usual color block. It's good to see a change. I loved some of the dresses! Please Comment, xoxo, Lauren

Gucci Resort 2010

I loved making this dress! I was too lazy to do the shoes :P Anywho here is my me wearing Gucci :O Sorry, I don't have much to say.. Enjoy AND comment..