Sorry! Break from Stardoll

This week I was in Mexico! The Mayan Riviera or Riviera Maya.. I don't know why they have different names. Hopefully I'll have a graphic soon for you guys :)

Yes I'm an idiot :P You need money for shopping! Not much though because it's all cheap junk :)

For 100$ a day you too could have this on your bed! The maid cleaned our room extra well when we started leaving tips :)

Randomness.. Outside of my hotel

My room was pretty close by this.. the hotel is very open so they had this like in the middle of it.

Beach!! Alex stubbed his toe and coral. Ps. don't drink the water it's very salty and your eyes sting. you can see our hotel down there.. we walked far.

Overcast day.. I don't remember what day it was.

You think they are nice to sit in? Wrong it's freaking cold.. I shiver the entire time..

I loved this fountain!

Restaurant... decent food.

Well those are a couple pics from my adventure with my fiance! I was thinking of showing you a pic of me eating(only pic of me in Mexico, I hate pics of me) but I voted against it because I looked tired. Anyway I took over 900 pics so you if you want me to post more I will. Umm I'm not the best photographer as you can see :)

PS. I stayed at the Barcelo Maya Palace :)

Le Makeover

The blog has been changed. I got a little McQueeny on you guys.. I love the armadillo shoes! :D Hope everyone likes the header :D

Join! Join! Join!!!

I have made a club to keep you updated on this blog. Please everyone join :) There will be competitions, updates and you get to put your input. Please join! I want it to become part of Lauren's Designs. Ps club is called LaurensDesigns The Link

JOIN!!!!! NOW!!

I just can't decide..

Well yes it's my 22nd banner. I just can't decide on a good banner.. that or I really enjoy making them.I think this is my best one :) I know I have to update the blog with a new header soon too. Give me ideas :)

New Moon!

I'm just gonna write about my awesome experience tonight! Me, Alex, Nick and Sarah when to see New Moon! We skipped school and went to the 3:30 show. We waited an hour in line then bought our tickets.(yeah it wasn't busy because of the time) I give the movie a 8/10. Not a ten because It was my least favorite book. Even Alex loved it! I highly suggest seeing it! Downside was that the girl behind us was saying because we didn't buy our tickets yet we wouldn't be able to get in. She was so wrong :P Ps. sorry this has nothing to do with Stardoll :)

Balmain, Elie Saab, Balenciaga Spring 2010 RTW

Hmm, I think this is the best I've ever done! :D Balmain leather pants, Balenciaga Vest, and Elie Saab shoes!(shirt was just a quick own design) PLEASE comment. I love having comments, thanks :)

Anna Who???

I've been a busy bunny lately.. but for the first time ever I drew a face completely by myself! Took a longgg time! I hope you like it! It's Anna Selezneva. I think she is beautiful :)

Banner For New Theme + DAMN!

No I-dressup or anything like that. I only used my medoll, with no makeup on. Oh I'm kinda of mad because guess what I forgot? My Stardoll Account Anniversary! It's been two years! I was fifteen when I made this account unknowing how big it would come. Something I can say proud is that I have been a superstar for 729 days. :D I had my account for three days before I made it superstar. And since then this account has been nothing but ss. And then I think wow. Stardoll is a huge waste of time. And I've been on here for so long! Well I'll stop boring you now. Enjoy my new banner. I'm going to try and start the rest of the city theme soon.

Kinda Neat..

Here's an interesting optical illusion. Many have probably seen before but I haven't. Anyway Square A is the same shade of grey as Square B! Isn't that weird?! I proved it down below but first look at the first image. BTW sorry my graphics will not be moving for a while.. for personal reasons..

Hm. Keep Me ALIVE!

Well. Life is chaos right now. I'm not happy with the look of my blog. I want to make a city theme for it so I'm going to try. I've already made a great new banner!

Banner Archive

The girl of many banners. I've had about 20 different banners from my writing. Most done by me but not all. This is my way of saying I've been LAZY! I haven't done anything new and I'm very sorry. I'll try soon to do something special! For now here is a look at the 20 banners I've had!

Chanel Spring 2010 RTW

Well here is the first design in a while! I really liked the Chanel show(besides the Western theme). It had alot of tweed which was expected as always but I find it hard to draw the texture of that. SO I did this dress :D Took some effort because of the shapes but I did it :D Oh and not to worry anyone but I haven't been at school since friday because I've been feeling horrible. At the moment I have a stomach ache. I can't eat anything or it comes back up within minutes. So I'm going to the doctors soon because it's a possibility I have H1N1. Especially because I have been under the weather for about a month and it features about 7/10 symptoms. So I don't know how much drawing I'll be doing but wish me luck :)

I'm back!! And so is the blog :D

Yay I think my problems are fixed! I can't believe I didn't think of switching internet browsers! I usually use Mozilla Firefox and I had a thought maybe to try Safari. Well it worked! The problem before for those who don't know is that everytime I uploaded anything it would appear larger and have the color messed up. So for example my medoll's skin would look very pale. It's fixed now so no worries! I'm soo happy because I had this problem for a while! Now I have new banner, header and a design I will be posting very soon. It's done but I wanted to put it in a different post. Thanks for all the help everyone! Oh and before I forget I have 3 different outfits for my header :D

Any suggestions?

Well I'm doing it. I'm closing LD down for some sort of a makeover. I need to improve my graphics majorly and I need to figure out this quality problem! Thanks everyone for support. I really need unless I feel like I'm wasting my time showcasing these.

xoxo, Lauren

Loophole Items Are Now..

Sorry no banner but guess what?! Were you around when the loophole happened? Well our prayers have been answered!! The Loopholed items are now able to be SOLD! Ahhh! I have stuff like DKNY leather that was loopholed so this excites me :DD

New Header

New Header ^^
BUT still horrible quality. Please help me if you can!

Elie Saab Spring 2010 RTW

Elie Saab :D Enjoy!!!! Comment!!