OMG thank you guys so much!! We now have 100 followers!! I'm really proud of my blog. I'm thinking of doing something special. I am going to have a raffle to wear one of my designs. If you would like to be in it please write your username in the comments! Thanks again you guys!

2 New Designs.. On Roiworld

Now there is two. the first post only had one :P

EDIT: another new one!

New Design! You guess what it is!

This dress took me a WEEK! Usually I can finish a design in a day!! I wanted the detail perfect though. Can anyone guess who is the designer and what season? Please Rate and Comment :P

New Design..

This dress was in my mind and it REALLY bugged me. I needed to see it. This was a practice dress. But I decided to post it anyway. Please use the new Star rating! Please comment as well :D

Funky Heels

I don't recognize what designer these are.. but Taylor Swift wore these shoes in London for a photoshoot. As soon as I saw them I knew I wanted to draw them. So I hope you like them. They are the first pair of shoes I've done upclose :) Oh and if anyone can tell me who designed them let me know! Please comment :D

Own Design... sorta

Hey :D I was just really trying poses myself and this was just a practice but I thought I should show you guys it. The outfit is very 80's. I know it's not my best work but I wasn't planning on showing it to you. Please comment anyway though :)

New design/banner

It's a new banner and a new design! Me wearing Louis Vuitton. I only didn't make the necklace..
btw sorry for not designing much but there isn't anything new.

New Layout!

The blog has a new layout! I went with something more simple. I like it better now :D

Valentino Fall 2009 Couture

Possibly my best work yet? I really like how it turned out! Soo yeah ummm please please please comment :D Not to seem desperate or anything ;). So how do you guys feel about it?

Versace Resort 2010

I'm not sure how I feel about this dress. I made it yesterday and wasn't going to show you but what the hey! So yeah please comment..

New Design!!

Halter dress. If you haven't noticed I've fixed a couple design issues like how the lines were jagged around the edges sometimes. Now I'm not very creative sometimes. Or maybe I am and I can't make up my mind. Anyone who knows me in real life knows that I have a VERY hard time making up my mind on anything. This dress came from my mind.. very unclearly so it's been through alot of phases. It ended up being a boring dress... Grrr I need new fashion to draw. Please comment on the dress. What do you like.. what do you hate..

PS> OMG 85 followers!! loves you guys!! Please try and comment more so I feel the need to draw. Because I like comments :D

New Design! :D

I made my own design! I love it :P Hehe. I want it for real life! This dress had so many different looks at first. Like it started as a jumpsuit then went into a night gown then into like a shredded bottom skirt kind of thing. I added the bow then the thigh pads lol. I guess it would be shiny material. It wasn't at first but now it is! And I'm lucky I found the perfect hair for this outfit! I made the shoes too. I love how they turned out too! Please comment etc..

Latest Obsession!

There hasn't been much that has interested me in designing lately.. sorry guys. Hopefully something new will come soon. Well anyway I've been addicted to the Sims 3 LOL. I just got it about three days ago and I already have a husband and well I tried to adopt a baby but then it was too much work so I tried to kill it( I wouldn't ever do that in real life!) and that didn't work so I had to use some cheats to delete the baby. At first I was really poor until I found something that gives me money whenever I enter a code so now I have over 100, 000, 000 sim-whatevertheyarecalled. Oh and this is my house so far.....

You can see my car to the right and my husbands is usually beside it but he was at the sports centre or whatever. His car is the exact same but black! Anyway sorry for boring you :)

Lanvin Resort 2010

By far my favorite collection of resort. But most was too complicated for me. I like the result. Enjoy and comment!!

2 different Banners

I made two different headers for the blog.. enjoy! Comment on which one you like better!