Bye Everyone

I finally decided to leave, someone hacked my account which sucks alot, but I'm kinda happy they did, gives me a reason to leave the dramatic world anyway :) I'd really like to thank all my friends I've made through the experience though. I'll log on everyone once and a while just to check up but this is my way of leaving. You'll have a friend in the nyc :) I love you all <3 <3 I do mean it, because honestly I believe you're all going for one goal and some will do anything to get there, even being a bitch so I totally understand :) Thank you,

xoxo, Lauren
Ps, my real name is Lauren Joy Brose :)
Night :)


I know the blog is closed an what not but I was literally in tears when I heard about Alexander McQueen! My mom knew him personally. The last header I did featured his incredible works of art. I can't even express how much he'll be missed by me and my family. I hope there is a heaven for your sake, as you are truly a god. Rest in Peace Mr. McQueen.


I really really don't have the time anymore for this. I'm so sorry. I may come back in the summer or something.

Ads on Different webstites.

WOW! It's almost been a month since I've wrote anything on here, I'm so sorry. My life has been not the greatest right now and I've been really really busy. I don't know where the blog is headed right now. ANYWAY I was on DeviantART when I noticed something saying stardoll! Haha just thought it's an ad most Stardollians wouldn't see :)

Ps.Tell me how your Christmas was..

Sorry! Break from Stardoll

This week I was in Mexico! The Mayan Riviera or Riviera Maya.. I don't know why they have different names. Hopefully I'll have a graphic soon for you guys :)

Yes I'm an idiot :P You need money for shopping! Not much though because it's all cheap junk :)

For 100$ a day you too could have this on your bed! The maid cleaned our room extra well when we started leaving tips :)

Randomness.. Outside of my hotel

My room was pretty close by this.. the hotel is very open so they had this like in the middle of it.

Beach!! Alex stubbed his toe and coral. Ps. don't drink the water it's very salty and your eyes sting. you can see our hotel down there.. we walked far.

Overcast day.. I don't remember what day it was.

You think they are nice to sit in? Wrong it's freaking cold.. I shiver the entire time..

I loved this fountain!

Restaurant... decent food.

Well those are a couple pics from my adventure with my fiance! I was thinking of showing you a pic of me eating(only pic of me in Mexico, I hate pics of me) but I voted against it because I looked tired. Anyway I took over 900 pics so you if you want me to post more I will. Umm I'm not the best photographer as you can see :)

PS. I stayed at the Barcelo Maya Palace :)

Le Makeover

The blog has been changed. I got a little McQueeny on you guys.. I love the armadillo shoes! :D Hope everyone likes the header :D

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