Chanel Spring 2010 RTW

Well here is the first design in a while! I really liked the Chanel show(besides the Western theme). It had alot of tweed which was expected as always but I find it hard to draw the texture of that. SO I did this dress :D Took some effort because of the shapes but I did it :D Oh and not to worry anyone but I haven't been at school since friday because I've been feeling horrible. At the moment I have a stomach ache. I can't eat anything or it comes back up within minutes. So I'm going to the doctors soon because it's a possibility I have H1N1. Especially because I have been under the weather for about a month and it features about 7/10 symptoms. So I don't know how much drawing I'll be doing but wish me luck :)

I'm back!! And so is the blog :D

Yay I think my problems are fixed! I can't believe I didn't think of switching internet browsers! I usually use Mozilla Firefox and I had a thought maybe to try Safari. Well it worked! The problem before for those who don't know is that everytime I uploaded anything it would appear larger and have the color messed up. So for example my medoll's skin would look very pale. It's fixed now so no worries! I'm soo happy because I had this problem for a while! Now I have new banner, header and a design I will be posting very soon. It's done but I wanted to put it in a different post. Thanks for all the help everyone! Oh and before I forget I have 3 different outfits for my header :D

Any suggestions?

Well I'm doing it. I'm closing LD down for some sort of a makeover. I need to improve my graphics majorly and I need to figure out this quality problem! Thanks everyone for support. I really need unless I feel like I'm wasting my time showcasing these.

xoxo, Lauren

Loophole Items Are Now..

Sorry no banner but guess what?! Were you around when the loophole happened? Well our prayers have been answered!! The Loopholed items are now able to be SOLD! Ahhh! I have stuff like DKNY leather that was loopholed so this excites me :DD

New Header

New Header ^^
BUT still horrible quality. Please help me if you can!

Elie Saab Spring 2010 RTW

Elie Saab :D Enjoy!!!! Comment!!


Valentino Spring 2010 RTW

So sorry it's been too long! I was barely on stardoll at all for the entire week for personal reasons but I'm back! Anyway I loved the Valentino collection! Definitely my style! Expect more from this collection! Pleaseee comment :D