Emilio Pucci Spring 2010 RTW

I loved this collection! I don't have much to say except enjoy! Oh and I know I need a new banner. Hopefully I get the chance to make one soon enough! Please please comment~ thanks!

Lauren Goes Blond!

Well I did it! I just got back from Sally Hershberger and got my hair bleach blond! And my eyebrows bleached too. And since I try to show very little pictures of my real self for safety reasons I made a graphic of how my hair kind looks now. It used to be shoulder length and dark brown. But I got extensions and blonde hair and eyebrows! It looks really good! I'm happy with the results. So I just wanted to share this information about me with you guys :D

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2010 RTW

I really liked this collection! I HAD to do something so I picked this number. Hope everyone likes it and I'd really appreciate a nice comment :) Thanks :D

LE Review

I got greedy and bought almost everything. LE is the center of all evil. Curse you beautiful clothing! The first thing to go was the Moschino Dress. Last collection it was Alexander McQeen dress. Anyway I love this collection so much! Best one yet! Oh and there is 125sd bag that is non superstar! Lol I don't know anyone who can afford that! The colors are fabulous though!


Renovation is backkk! Look for yourself! BTW new header.

Roiworld Dissed Us!!

I think everyone knows Roiworld by now. Well I was scrolling down and say this as the NUMBER 1 topic! We have haters. All of us, Stardoll. There is many people in the topic agreeing. I think it's so funny. Roiworld is like the smaller version of Stardoll. When you think about it, Stardoll is far more superior. And very smart to charge us outrageous prices on stuff we can't feel. They must make a KILLING! Think about it. I myself have spent thousands of dollars on Stardoll. It's a business and we are the costumers. So fuck you roiworld! And have you noticed that all the great designers on Roiworld are from Stardoll? :D

New graphic

Okay hopefully this works. I've been having some major problems with blogger messing up my photos so I'm trying tinypic. Anyway try not to focus so much on the dress and look at the pose! I did my first successful arms! All myself! I'm so proud lol. Arms and hands are HARD! And the hair! I love the hair! so please take the time comment! Thanks.

Favorite LE Item

This is my favorite item for LE!! I'll be very disappointed if I don't get it. But I'm hoping to get the whole collection :) LE makes my poor medoll broke for like a week but it's worth it for these clothes! I loveeee this Rodarte dresssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marc By Marc Jacobs Spring 2010 RTW

Hey people! Everytime I use my banner it freezes my internet so banner right now! Here is a design.. lol. Not my greatest but oh well. More to come.. please comment though! My favorite part is reading the response!

Yayyy Jordan!

I'm a huge fan of Big Brother and tonight was the finale!! AND YAYY Jordan won! I'm so happy! Haha this has nothing to do with Stardoll or my designs but I don't really care! I'm so happy for her!! Tomorrow is the season premiere of The Beautiful Life which I'm really excited for! I think it will be awesome!! Anyway there was my pointless post! Lol

Christian Sirano Spring 2010 RTW

Sorry For the ridiculous quality! It's blogger that's messing up my pictures. I'm hoping they will fix it soon but for now you will have to have the weird version. I really like the Christian Sirano collection! I think there's alot in there for me to design. Anyway please comment on it :)


Hey Everyone. I'm super pissed because MY website is fucked up! It's ruining all my pictures!! I'm going to try alot of different things to try to fix it so things may be wonky for a while :)

Sasha Hennes And Mauritz

I wasn't going to show you this but it took me FOREVER! I worked on it for like an entire day. The legs took forever to draw and I don't like how it turned out at all. The only thing not drawn by here is the bow(used shape), face and the one hand. Everything else is mine lol.


Feroce Released

Fucking Blogspot ruins my artwork so I'm using Wordpress to show the collection. Please Comment ON BLOGSPOT though. Thanks guys! I know the collection is small.. I got bored of it.


Hey if you look above it shows my new header inspired by the images below. Sasha Pivovarova is my favorite model ever! The hair I made is inspired by the first and makeup by the second. :) Hope you guys like it!

My Desktop

Hey everyone! My designs are coming nicely. I'm on my seventh one. Anyway someone contacted me yesterday asking to see my desktop. I said no that's weird but then I was like it could be interesting to other people.. LOL. Anyway the picture is San Fransisco.. Alex took it when he was there a couple months ago to visit family. The blurred images are part of the collection so I didn't want to spoil it! But yeah not that interesting.. Oh and the question mark on the bottom is MSN.. I JUST downloaded the new software update Snow Leopard and it did that. So far I'm annoyed with it for a couple of reasons lol. Anyway I was gonna post this like two hours ago but I fell asleep!(I'm at home, sick). So yeah there is my desktop.. kinda boring lol.


Hey People! I just wanted to tell everyone I have 6 designs finished :D The last two I did I'm in love with :P So yeah I just wanted to keep you guys in the loop! Btw my collection has like no theme! Although my friend asked my what my inspiration was and I said Valentino and Armani. Now also Roberto Cavalli. So I think you will see them in my collection. Oh and maybe some Balmain too. Talk to you later :D Byee!

Feroce Is Coming!

Well today I was asking my Italian Instructor words. Feroce is Italian for Fierce. That is the name for my new Fashion Collection. It may take a little while. Let's roughly I do one every two nights.. I've done two so far.. so I want to do about 15 designs in my collection. I'd really like to know your opinion on the name, idea etc. thanks again

Something Different

I've been doing some thinking.. when I made Sasha it hit me! Make a Fashion Collection!!! Well actually it was a friend looking through my designs and said it reminded her of a resort collection because of the white background etc. So the designs are going to be put off.. well atleast the stuff you would see. So basically I'm doing a Resort Collection. Not sure what the name will be. I guess you'll see. I have made my first design for the collection!

EDIT: Models will be at the moment Sasha Pivovarova, Caroline Treniti, Lily Donaldson and Sessilee Lopez. Those are all the models I have at the moment but there might be more!

My Girl, Sasha!

I know I haven't done an actual design in FOREVER! And I totally am sorry for that. I haven't found anything worth designing. Anyway. I realized through this whole blog I have ONLY used my self(except one) for the designs. That may come across as selfish. I just did it because it was way easier. So now I have update Stardoll's version of my favorite model, Sasha Pivovarova. So now this is who will be in all my designs. So yes she is naked below.. because some designs I could do may be low-cut etc. so that's why she is naked! I might do a different pose on her if one comes out as simple enough and easy enough for everything but for now it will have to be basic. Tell me what you think... should I do more models for my designs too?

Alice Vs. Stardoll

Well that's 10000000 for Alice and 2 for Stardoll. It's kind of sad the quality.. Mika is wearing the same Balmain dress for her brithday card from Alice than the dress that was just partially released by Stardoll. Couldn't you just ask Alice if they could use her much better dress?? Come on!!

New Banner!

I didn't like my banner too much so wow guess what!! New Banner.. what a surprise Laurenzo!

Answer to Guess The Designer..

This is the first right one!

Here's the design...