Valentino Fall 2009 Couture

Okay I lied. I had to one more! I think it turned out really good! I love the grainy texture of the dress! The collection was gorgeous filled with black lace! Umm not much to say! Enjoy and please comment!

Ps. Quality is stupid. Picture.. STOP shrinking yourself..


John / john2_el_mejor said...

Please no!!! I love your designs, continueeeeeeeeeee


It´s amazing

Lauren said...

Well if you read the post before it said that I'm going on holidays. I meant one more before my holidays.. haha

Halmonkey3 said...

I love the background piece of the dress

Mario said...

You bitch!!!!!
Omg this is so amazing! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
Omg.. the shape is just amazing!

Lauren said...

Aw thanks!
I tried hard on the back piece!

thatgirlsophy said...

cool! do some fall 09 DKNY please! i would like to post some of it.

Gemma (74Modell) said...

Oh wow! I love it.
It looks so like wow :)

Babii-Mariex said...

its good