Alexander McQueen Resort 2010

Hello! I'm currently in Sydney! So gorgeous here! The weather has been pretty good so far. I got some sun burn. Anyway today I stayed in the hotel because I wasn't feeling well. I got bored and made a design. Sorry it's not one of my better ones it's just my head is killing me!!! Talk to you guys soon and please comment!!

xoxo, Lauren
Ps. Alex says for me to stay off the computer so I'll be on a little less the next week!


Halmonkey3 said...

Ahh! We were thinking of using that dress for Gaga Mag haha! We have others in mind though :)

Ashton GaGa said...

LMAO how did you get sun burnt, I must say the weather has been sunny for the past 3 days. It was really cold last night.. OMG I love the design, I made the crazy tights in the collection... But I want to make a dress too :)

Baileygirl1212 said...

I love this Lauren, it looks great !

Gemma (74Modell) said...

Guess what?
Gorgeous as usual ;P
You even bothered to do the shadow :P
I love it :D

john2_el_mejor said...


mouse_girl said...

Hello Lauren.
I own Goddess magazine, and I was wondering if you allowed me to use a few of your designs (only if you approve) for the magazine. Is it okay with you?

Catarina said...

Really nice
I couldn't wait to see more

breathless.magazine said...

LOve it as always Lauren
This collection was one of my fav resorts.

I want all your designs for my medoll !