Some may know.. some may not. I'm going to Sydney Australia for three weeks with my family and fiance. Yes I said fiance.(btw can't wait to see what anonymous calls me for having a fiance) I'm leaving on the 17th of July. Super excited! Extremely excited! Soo that means the blog is on pause until like late August. I might make one before I leave. Depends on my mood. Okay and here's the part no one knows yet.. Once I leave I may not come back. I've been trying to leave for a while but just can't. Hopefully Australia can change that. It's not for sure at all! If I chose to leave my clothes will go to Danny. I've promised her a very long time ago. Don't freak out! I doubt it will happen anyway!

Ps. Happy Birthday Evan! 22nd :P(brotherr)


breathless.magazine said...

WOW Australia I hope you have a fabulous time and a safe journey

oh no really ?? you should so stay hunnie, your such a fashion icon on stardoll and I love chatting with you, but of course if its what you think is best then I understand

I will miss you very much

hope you have a great holiday and hear from you soon

Ashton GaGa said...

I live in Sydney Australia :)

taranee25 said...

Have a nice vacation!

Mario said...

Omg, you are leaving? :(
I am so sad, I loved chatting to you and especially your designs! It won't be fun making designs now without competition! xD
I hope you have a great time there, and make sure you come back one day :P


Lauren said...

I'm probably going to stay because I really want the 6000sp hairstyle :PPPP

Halmonkey3 said...

Awww Lauren, we've grown to be such good friends, and I love talking to you all the time :) I hope you stay, but whatever you choose just have fun!

And I hope you have a great time in Sydney!!!! xoxoxo, Halle

Anonymous said...

Haha, well I'll miss to not see your amazing designs.
And, if you fiance is your true love, yeah sure, you're just 17 or something, well I don't think that's our buissnes.
We don't know if it will be forever, but we don't need to know, bc it's your life and your choises. I guess you already now this, you seems like a good and smart girl and I don't think that you would have a fiance if you didn't new what you were doing.

Have a brilliant holiday in Sydney! I want to go there too (:


Lauren said...

I understand your point, Emily. I mean I find it hard to believe too. And quite frankly if it were someone else I would say it wouldn't last. I hope it's different though. I feel something I haven't felt for another man.

Anonymous said...

lauren i heard you were a elite wannabe?! hhaha

Carine said...

Hey Lauren, What filter Did you use on this background???

Please help me